Enterprise mission
Lead business progress, create a better life
The mission of the enterprise and business progress and social development closely together, the expression of the value orientation of Xiangjiang rare earth enterprise development in promoting the civilization and progress of the whole society, embodies the lofty pursuit of the people of Xiangjiang rare earth.
Xiangjiang rare earth will join hands with customers, employees, partners, society and the environment to create a better life:
Work together with customers, through the provision of quality products and services, continue to exceed customer expectations, and continue to create customer value;
Hand in hand, through the protection of rights and interests of the humanities, to help employees achieve value, improve employee happiness index;
Join hands, through the business ethics, to create a good business environment, create a win-win cooperation bureau;
Join hands with the community, in response to the call of the country, to join the public, to promote the mainstream values, and promote the harmonious development of society;
In the environment, by strict environmental regulations, energy-saving emission reduction, development of circular economy, green ecological civilization construction.
Sense of worth
Honest and trustworthy, performance oriented, people-oriented, innovation and development
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