Rare earth resources with rare earth resources
2017/3/22 14:19:08
Kaoshanchishan, saying. Rich in mineral resources, is a good thing for local economic development. However, if the exploitation of resources is not reasonable planning, the exploitation of resources can not be processed and used effectively, then the resource advantage may not be able to translate into economic advantages.
In 90s, many places in China to build a rare earth enterprise, by the immediate driver, once found undocumented mining, cross-border exploitation, excessive mining, smelting of rare earth separation project low level repeated construction disorderedmining and abandoned open phenomenon not only rich ore, rare earth resources loss, resulting in "selling price of rare earth" other distressing results. Ganzhou has eaten such a loss. Fortunately, they as a warning for the future, starting from the source, tackling the problem, and achieved remarkable results, but also to how we eat rice resources implications.
One is to strictly control the total amount of mining. They on the upstream resources exploitation orderly, rational planning, according to the annual national mandatory production plan, production target decomposition to achieve the various mines, no excess production; close combat undocumented mining, cross-border exploitation, illegal transportation of rare earth resources, initially reversed the situation of oversupply, promote the recovery of rare earth resources reasonable price.
In the separation and purification of rare earth resources, the separation plant of the raw ore supply from the city's unified platform. Separation of the products in accordance with the processing contract to all of the unified platform, sales to the downstream processing enterprises. In this way, Ganzhou rare earth Mining Co., Ltd. product pricing ability greatly improved. Downstream processing enterprises in order to get the nearest allocation of resources, they have to invest and build factories in Ganzhou, the local investment has laid a solid foundation.
Revelation two is to achieve industrial agglomeration. Rare earth deep-processing products are often several times the value of rare earth resources themselves. In the process of solving the contradiction between the rare earth resources and rare earth production value, the high starting point of Ganzhou planning industrial layout, relying on the advantages of resources to increase investment efforts, and actively introduce rare earth deep-processing enterprises. The deep processing enterprise not only has established the Ganzhou rare earth industry big city status, also has provided the broad practice stage for the rare earth scientific research unit.
Three of the enlightenment is to rely on scientific and technological progress to lengthen the industrial chain. In the process of rare earth was cheap, the domestic rare earth processing enterprises rarely enjoy "buy cheap" raw materials has the advantage of low cost. The deep reason lies in the lack of domestic application of rare earth, deep processing capacity is weak, short industrial chain. Foreign companies can rely on processing capacity with an order to keep prices down, the domestic enterprises are very little about the application of rare earth, nature can not compete with them on the same level.
China is a big country of rare earth resources, but it is not a rare earth research power, at present, in some rare earth basic research and applied research abroad also lead us, such as hard disk heads, micro motors, hydrogen storage materials, etc.. 17 kinds of rare earth metals, and many applications are not we know, there are a lot of processing technology not be in our hands, nature can not be on the rare earth value more accurate judgment, to avoid the "sale" is very difficult. Ganzhou city to increase re investment in scientific research, to the construction of public technology platform, market research achievement transformation platform, public information service platform, education and training services platform to support enterprises to enhance the capability of independent innovation.
Rare earth is known as "industrial monosodium glutamate", to make a delicious "industrial products", still need a good cook to cook. We have to do now, is to research the real hard work, training some international level "Chef", this bowl of rice so we can eat rare earth resources and more practical, more sweet.
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