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"50 thousand, 60 thousand, 80 thousand, 100 thousand......" Recently, [1.97 -2.48%] China spread in rare earth trade circle with such a set price soaring all the way, according to industry sources, this represents the transaction amount of illegal trading of pre export quota of rare earth. Different from the previous 10 thousand, the lowest only 20 thousand or even thousands and hundreds of yuan price, this year due to rare earth Chinese extraordinarily rare, even if the price appeared several times soaring, many suitors FRET is still there is no market price".
"Is not the price is not high enough, it is the country to give (quota) too little, no one willing to sell." Many industry insiders have said that in previous years, the transaction unpopular market has now become exceptionally quiet, "a hard to find tons of export quotas".
Accompanied by a number of heavy blows, China's rare earth export enterprises are experiencing unprecedented quota shortage. According to the quota index data released by the Ministry of Commerce, in 2010, China's total rare earth export quotas in than in 2009 decreased by nearly 40%, which is unprecedented in the history of China's rare earth exports.
At the same time, a debate about whether the current quota allocation is "reasonable" and "scientific" is growing. The quota system has been carried out for many years, some even have been regarded as China rare earth rare elements resulting in a large number of exports, lack of protection of "scourge" one.
Quotas and orders, production capacity does not match
"This year's prices will certainly rise, I think there is no 'outbreak'."  Guangdong, a rare export of rare earth traders Zhang recently told the daily economic news said.
"Own quota is not enough, how to sell out?" "The 100 thousand yuan price is in fact the truth is shirk, who are reluctant to sell." Recently, the reporter contacted the buyer to contact a number of rare earth manufacturers with rare earth quotas, almost all have the same clear answer.
Zhang told reporters, despite the state banned, but these years quota trading has been the secret of the rare earth industry. Although his company is not qualified, but also can get some foreign orders every year, he would think of ways to buy quotas, and then jointly qualified enterprises mixed out.  As for other qualified enterprises to buy and sell quotas between each other, it is commonplace.
Subject to the limitations of the quota system and tilt, many rare earth production enterprises can not get the quota. On the contrary, some non productive trading companies, but through various channels to get quota.  This is bound to cause the actual quota and actual orders, production capacity is not coordinated. There is no production or orders less traders, if you get a large amount of quotas, it will be to the enterprise to buy product exports, or sell the quota directly to the enterprise export." Anonymous, a large rare earth enterprise in Baotou, told the daily economic news that the industry is an open secret.
According to statistics published in 2005, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region rare earth enterprises to buy the export quota is equivalent to 1.9 times the allocation of quotas, companies generally feel that the quota is insufficient, so strong demand for trading. In recent years, with the increasing tightening of the national rare earth exports, industry sources, the sale should be increased.
Exports dropped by nearly 40%
Although there is no market price, this year's quota price continued to surge and the seller is very stingy, A thing has its cause.
This year, whether or not it is difficult to do export qualification, quota is too small, many manufacturers have to reluctantly give up orders." Zhang told reporters.
In accordance with the practice, the Ministry of commerce should be released at the end of last year and the year of the rare earth export quotas, divided into two types of domestic enterprises and foreign-funded enterprises. In July the Ministry of Commerce issued the "2010 second batch of general trade export quotas notice" in the reporter saw, during the first half of 2010 the total number of quotas under (domestic and foreign merger) a total of 7976 tons, with the first half of 2010, the total export quota of rare earth Chinese throughout the year is only 30258 tons, compared to 50145.1 tons in 2009 fell by nearly 40%.
Nearly 20 thousand tons of cuts is absolutely unprecedented." In the country to keep the years up and down 50 thousand tons of the total quota rationing system, a number of rare earth export enterprises of this situation are shown "amazing", "especially in the second half of the quota, compared to the same period last year fell by nearly 60%."
In fact, China's determination to tighten the rare earth quota signal began in 2007, when the country's plan for the production of rare earth by the guidance of mandatory regulation. Since 2007, in addition to the impact of the financial crisis in 2008, the market shrinking (when the export quota of 47448.7 tons), China's rare earth export quotas decreased by more than 15%.
2009 Ministry of industry to develop a special plan for the development of rare earth industry (2009~2015), it is clear that from 2009 to 2015 annual exports of rare earth is not more than 35000 tons.
"The future quota trading is estimated to be more expensive and more difficult." For the price of over 100 thousand of the quota price analysis, a senior industry in the "daily economic news", "does not exclude individual scarce elements are likely to reach this number, but it is also possible that dodge italy. We generally lack of quotas, a ton of hard to find, so 100 thousand yuan would rather be added to the customer's offer, there is no need to sell to others, otherwise it will lose customers."
For export quotas may bring significant economic losses, the reporter interviewed a number of business people have expressed a relatively optimistic. After all, compared to the past, the larger the amount of exports and soil price, and now even if the export reduction, but also from the continued rise in the international price of rare earth to get some compensation.
The disadvantage of the original system
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