Praseodymium neodymium carbonate
Praseodymium neodymium carbonate
Praseodymium Carbonate
Chemical formula Pr2 (CO3) 3
Molecular weight 461.8 CAS 14948-62-0
Light green powder, insoluble in water, its octahydrate heat to 100 ℃ loss of six molecules of crystal water. Dissolved in acid to generate the corresponding praseodymium salt solution, and release carbon dioxide.
Into the suspension of praseodymium hydroxide aqueous solution into the carbon dioxide, into a crystal precipitation and dehydration available.
Stability: slight moisture absorption.
Uses: manufacture of praseodymium oxide and praseodymium other important raw materials.
Neodymium carbonate
Molecular formula: Nd2 (CO3) 3
Nature: in 25 ℃ water can dissolve 3.46 × 10-6mol / L, can be dissolved in acid, the corresponding salt to produce CO2. In the 320 ~ 550 ℃ thermal decomposition generated Nd2O (CO3) 2,800 ~ 905 ℃ is decomposed into Nd2O2CO3, and finally Nd2O3. (M = NH4 +, Na +, K +, Rb +, Cs +, etc.) can be formed with alkali metal carbonates such as Nd2 (CO3) 3 · M2CO3 · nH2O (M = NH4 +, Na +, K +, Rb +, Cs +, etc.). To the soluble solution of neodymium salt by adding a little excess of ammonium carbonate can be obtained neodymium carbonate precipitation.
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