Yongzhou Xiangjiang River Rare Earth Co., Ltd. is engaged in the smelting of rare earth separation in one of the high-tech companies, 178 employees, the company has total assets of 65 million yuan, the company is located in Hunan Province Qiyang Guanyin jintanzhen. Heng Kun from the high-speed 5Km, from the 322 national road 3Km, transportation. Since 2001 the company was named high-tech enterprises in Hunan, product line was named high-tech products, all products were ISO9001 quality certification, the company has the right to self-access, the right of self declaration, the South, one of the largest rare earth processing. The company has seven advanced extraction production line, testing equipment, has a plasma spectrometer, X-fluorescence spectroscopy, carbon-identification device, fixed oxygen meter, particle size analyzer of testing equipment for the production of quality excellent products provide a reliable guarantee, the company in processing 5,000 tons of monazite (REO), extraction of 2,000 tons (REO) of production capacity. Products more than 10 varieties of 40 kinds of specifications, the main products are: lanthanum carbonate, lanthanum chloride, carbonate, cerium oxide, praseodymium, neodymium oxide, lanthanum oxide, cerium oxide, praseodymium oxide, neodymium oxide, terbium oxide, dysprosium oxide, samarium, gadolinium oxide, yttrium. For the aerospace, electrical appliances, communications materials, permanent magnetic materials, optical cable, nuclear power and other high-tech industry. Products sell well in domestic market and exported to Japan, the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia. To fine the company based on the pure, big and strong and persistent to meet and exceed customer demand, the company always adhere to the mutual benefit and win-win situation of supply and demand, to science and technology for the development of the main line to quality, focusing on transforming reform for the development of thinking, so that continued development. The spirit of "quality, integrity management" purposes, the company sincerely provide customers with a full range of services, sincerely welcome guests customers, research institutions work together to create the performance, Glory forever.

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